I’m a working mum of two boys, and a passionate foodie. Growing up in South East Asia, as well as being from a Malaysian/Indian and English background, I have been exposed to a myriad of flavours, and styles of cuisine from an early age. It was as normal for us to have chilli mint sauce with roast lamb as it was to have sausages with fried rice. There were no barriers.

My mother was a natural cook and a consummate hostess. She had the ability to create the most extraordinary meals, yet make the most ordinary of dishes taste special. I like to think she has passed her palate onto meā€¦that ability to understand flavours and textures, no matter that where they are from.

My mother recently passed away. She has left behind not only scores of precious memories, but a legacy. Her legacy is her love of food and dozens of recipes to pass on, not only to me, but to my children and our extended family.

Rosewood and Lemongrass were omnipresent in our homes… the deep wood of the furniture to the smells drifting out of the kitchen. To me, this is multicultural Asia.